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Red Lioness Couture Hair & Beauty products include the Red Lioness Collection-Faux Shorty Cuts™ featuring the 100% Remy human-hair “My of LA” wig and the “Haute Pixie Couture” wig. These products are fashioned from the highest quality human hair.

ANACONDA BAIT™ Lux Derrière Skincare™ SHEA SUGAR SCRUB is our newest product. It is an excellent exfoliate to combat dull and damaged derrière skin.


Our company strives to become the top manufacturer of edgy, undetectable wig hair products, and ultra luxurious derrière and body skincare in the beauty industry.


Red Lioness Couture Hair & Beauty is motivated, dedicated, and driven to continually produce fashionable and high quality products, while staying current with the latest trends, styles, and consumer demands.


Experience the Power of Couture Hair, Beauty, & Irresistible Healthy Skin.


Rock that Red™ XOXO



Lux Derrière Skincare™


❤ Vegan ❤ Natural ❤ Shea Butter
  ANACONDA BAIT™ Lux Derrière Skincare™
can be used on derrière and all over  body.
Sweet pink venom   coconut lime venom    pure venom

The Red Lioness Collections...

Faux Shorty Cuts

The "My of L.A" and  "Haute Pixie Couture"

 wigs are manufactured with

100% human hair.

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How pheromones work..

ANACONDA BAIT™ SHEA SUGAR SCRUB is formulated with tantalizing scents and infused with pheromones (if requested) to increase attractiveness, desire, and an irresistible allure.

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